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Are Power Savers Safe?Absolutely. Our Power Savers have been certified by special laboratories recognized by each country. This certification is your assurance our product is Electronically Safe and that it performs as described and meets the Green Earth and Cleaner Environment Compliance.

Will my savings go up the more units I buy and use?No. The "SMART" Way is to have one unit Hardwired to each panel box or one unit for each house.

Why are you saying my savings will be from 10% to 15% when other products say I can save 50% and more? It is not possible to save more than 30% in the perfect application without your own efforts at reducing your "Consumption Habits". Any saving figures quoted above 30% is simply not true. Our units have been tested threefold. We have received savings above 15% but we do not quote that figure. Everything about our product and sales material is always honest and often times understated. We are just as excited about the Working Life Extension of your motors/appliances as we are about electricity savings. This is a Win – Win – Win Unit

1. Win for Extended Motor Life

2. Win for Spikes, Surges, Harmonics, Line Noise and EMF Protection

3. Win for raising the Power Factor for Savings.

Will my solar panels effect the product?No. This product actually is good for your solar panels as it will feed a more pure form of electricity back into the grid.

I have heard of other units that people have bought that really did nothing. Why is yours better? The other plug-in units on the market are using a much smaller and ineffective capacitor. Not only is it too small but it is actually quite unsafe and will not last long. Our units are installed at the switchboard as close as possible to the supply. We are using state-of-the-art components with capacitors the proper size to make a difference. This is verified by our List of Certification Approvals.

How long will they last? Capacitors are known to work for many years and we have an absolute guarantee to totally replace the unit within 5 years if it does not work (see guarantee). We only use exceptionally high quality components, strict manufacturing standards and with no moving parts our units have a estimated life span of 20 to 25 years.

Do I need a qualified electrician to install the unit?Yes. We only employ A grade electricians to install our power savers.

Is there any chance it will damage my appliances and/or sensitive equipment?Absolutely not. In fact, the actual working life of motors have been known to increase by 10 to 15%. This feature alone pays for the unit the minute it is plugged in.

So I will save on my electricity for my whole house?No. There are two type of electricity we are referring to here. Resistive – anything that creates heat or runs without a motor or transformer/transistor and Inductive – anything that runs on a motor or generates power or works with a transformer/transistor. Power Savers, and all power savers for that matter, only work with Inductive loads. Resistive electricity already works at the best PF level.

Can you explain in simple terms what your unit does with the electricity?Yes.

1. For Surges, Spikes and Lightning our units actually absorb the impulse energy/power in the capacitors before it can reach your motors, appliances and expensive equipment and do damage.

2. For EMF – our unit actually stores the extra power and reduces the harmonics that would normally go into the motor to over-heat,

over-work it and over-create EMF radiation.

3. For Wasted Electricity – Our unit actually pushes power to the motor and pulls back what the motor does not immediately use, stores the electricity and then pushes it back to the motor. Without our unit this is where electricity is paid for and wasted.

4. This process reduces heat on the lines, reduces the strain on electrical components and will Increase the working life of the equipment/motors.

How long will it take the "SMART" PPS Professional Power Saver to pay for itself? For savings on your motor life, EMF reduction and Surge, Spike and Lightning Protection – Immediately.

For savings from your electrical charges it can depend upon several things:

- The size of your house,

- How many Inductive loads you use,

- Your personal power saving habits,

- Immediately when adding up the savings on Increased Motor Life.

Why haven't I heard about these units before now? Two words – cost effectiveness. Until recently we were able to handle the local power rates. But it seems that the charges are constantly going up. And still these units are not being offered by the government or power companies, in fact, there is not even any advertising coming out from them. The big push now is to force even more sophisticated monitoring equipment into our homes to increase their charges not to save us money

How do I know this idea will really work?

1. This technology has been used by industry and utility companies for years, but until recently it was not practical nor affordable for homeowners use.

2. There have been many products claiming fantastic results that were not possible but now the Very Act of Passing Certification is your guarantee of our quality, safety, and results.

What is wasted electricity? 1. One example is "electronic noise" generated by electronic devices and actually is harmful to the device. This wasteful electronic noise drains more wattage than it uses, adding unnecessarily to your electric bill.

3. Then there are spikes and surges which occur by the hundreds every day. These spikes and surges shorten the lifespan of your valuable and sensitive electronic equipment.

4. Apparent Power versus Real Power used. This is the power motors/appliances call for when they "rev-up or start up" but only use a portion of the electricity sent to them. This is the extra or wasted electricity which is captured by the capacitors and recycled for use.

I still do not understand how I can save or really how this unit works to save me electricity? It makes the current and the voltage move closer together so they work more efficently. This allows your equipment and appliances to do the same functions but requiring less electricity. The power saver reduces or narrows the phase difference between the current and voltage so everything works smoother. This is in addition to removing much of the energy wasting line noise or harmonics.

Should I buy all new appliances to save more electricity? Energy saving modern appliances will of course save you electricity usage. But if the appliances you have now do not need replacing or you do not want to extend that expense the Power Saver is the SMARTEST answer.

Are these environmental friendly?Yes. We have achieved the Approval of 7 Certification Agencies of which two are directly related to Green Earth, Environmental Friendly and Clean Air. We also like to think they are in that the more energy we can save the more we contribute to the environment and the greater the difference we make.

Will this make my T.V. picture better? Well, that is a difficult answer to give not knowing the conditions of your equipment. But the SMART way to prolong the life of your appliances and electronics is by reducing the electrical "noise". Examples of this type of noise is the "hum" of a florescent lamp, or coming from the power lines, or it can be the snow you see when the T.V. produces a weak signal. The Power Saver does not work through the cable or telephone lines.

Will it definitely reduce my electricity bill?Yes. This is based upon customer's feedback in three different countries. The average range of savings is 10% to 15%. But these percentages are individual savings and there are many variable involved. In the case of 3-phase units the savings are in the mid- to high-twenties. Three-phase is a commercial application not residential.

Why are you not quoting the higher saving percentages that I see on the internet, like 30%, to over 50%? Because these percentages are not possible with just a power saving unit. The actual physics and math in Electrical Engineering to save power through capacitance is a normal maximum of 30%. Any higher savings will depend upon your own personal power saving habits.

Listed below are just some of the stringent testing procedures our product has been put through:

1. Power Line Conducted Emission Measurements Test

2. Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker Measurements Tests

3. Surge Tests

4. RF Field Strength Susceptibility Tests

5. Radiation Emission Measurements Test

6. Harmonic Current Emission Measurements Test

7. Electrostatic Discharge Test

8. Voltage Dips and Interruptions Tests

9. Injected Currents Susceptibility Tests

10. Electricity Transient Test

11. Heat Test

12. Electric Strength Test

13. Leakage Current Measurements

Does it require any maintenance?No. Once it is operational forget about it.

Do I need to make any changes to the electrical wiring?No. The electrician will install it in your switchboard or meter panel with a new circuit breaker.

Which units will I need? We only have two units to choose from. Since the best range for saving energy is narrow we have only manufactured units that will work SMART with the best efficiency and we do not offer a variety of outer casing designs. You do not want it to be pretty, you want it to just do the job and forget about it.

You will either be needing a single-phase or a three-phase unit. Most homes will only use single-phase where commercial application, i.e., businesses and offices generally have 3-phase wiring.

How long is your warranty? We have a 5 Year Total Replacement Guarantee (see Guarantee). This way there are No Limitation, No Terms or Conditions where only certain elements are covered and the customer has to package and mail the unit back, wait for repairs and have it returned.

Let me ask you this -- How can you save electricity if the unit is in for repair? You want to save money every minute of every day.

What is the ROI (Return on Investment) of the unit? This answer will vary according to your personal energy consuming habits. But when you add in the savings from the Increased Motor Working Life the unit is paid for the minute you plug it in. After that all the savings are free for years to come regardless of electrical price increases.

Do I leave it on all the time?Absolutely Yes. How can you be protected and save when it is off?

Do I save more with more units installed?No.

How do the Utility Companys' benefit and do they agree with this concept?

They actually love the idea, by correcting and smoothing the electricity it puts less strain on there lines, reduces wasted electricity, reduces heat loss from the grid and produces more 'pure' form of electricity.

We all must begin making a difference in our world. If the utility companys can deliver more electricity without building another power plant or depending upon foreign oil, or burning more fossil fuels everyone benefits from Saving Power, Using Power More Efficiently, and Spending Less for Replacement Equipment.

Does the Power Saver work with the Smart Meters?

1. Absolutely. In fact if you are smart it should be mandatory. If there has ever been a time for an Honest Power Saving Device, a time for the "SMART" Power Saver- It Is NOW.

2. The whole idea of the utility companies installing Smart Meters for the benefit of the consumer is smoke and mirrors. It is to make them more money. These units will be able to monitor usage far closer than they have ever been monitored before.