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What we do

To make the use of our services easy, we will provide you with a step by step guide on what we do and it is organised.

1. A home owner, landlord, agent or property manager recognises Ozipower as a superior form of service provider and contacts us via online form, email or phone.

2. Our consultant contacts you in a timely manner answering any questions you may have. They will then put to you, the two service options that will allow you to remain up to date with current legislation, insurance policies and protect your property. You choose what you want, one off payment or the set and forget twice yearly service.

Payment can be made via paypal, money order, direct deposit or cash.

3.We enter your details into the system and let you know your electricians name who will be conducting the Complete Property Service. Then if neccessary we organise a suitable time and day to be at your property.

4.The Electrician turns up on time on the agreed day introduces himself and will procede with the Safety Service in a tidy, professional manner.

The Tradesperson will conduct the following procedures;

Smoke Alarm Test/Maintain

-ensure all alarms comply with Australian Standards

-Ensure all alarms satisfy the requirements of the Building code of Australia in regard to placement and position

-Ensure all alarms are not past their expiry date (all smoke alarms, including 240v hard wired alarms must be replaced within 10 years of the manufacture date)

-Remove and test the battery to ensure more than 80% charge and replace when required

-Test audible output of the alarm to ensure no less than 80dba

-Thoroughly clean alarm and spray with compressed air (Many smoke alarm service providers use Smoke In A Can. This leaves an oil residue on the alarm and causes many false and beeping alarms and should not be used)

-Remove alarm from ceiling, check connections and ensure power supply to 240v hard wired alarms using Voltfinger technology

-Relocate 9v battery smoke alarms to correct positions when required to save you the cost of a new alarm

-Clean up any mess.

Safety Switches Test/Maintain

The use of RCD’s both domestically and in the workplace is now mandatory across Australia and governed by several pieces of legislation. These RCD devices are available as a fixed component, wired into the building’s electrical switchboard or as a portable unit for use on around job sites.

Queensland works under the Electrical Safety Regulation 2002, whilst other States have similar legislation.

Under AS/NZS 3760 there is requirement for regular testing and recording of the results by a "Competent Person" i.e. a licenced electrician. These records (register) must be retained and available on request.

As you may imagine the legislation identifies specific testing requirements for the various types and classifications of RCD’s available. Purpose built testing tools are used to ensure the tests are conducted accurately.

The records are retained in a folder with the front section containing the test register. In particular this quickly allows inspectors to identify;

The second section shall hold the actual test records for the RCD’s in question. It highlights among various items;

These tests if conducted properly and in accordance with the frequency nominated in AS/NZS 3760, offer the "Peace of Mind" to Owners, Managers & Users that they are taking the first steps towards responsible OHS practices.

-The Ozipower Tradesperson will test the Safety switches and open the switchboard to inspect all wiring and condition of the safety switches.

Airconditioners Service/Maintain

-Clean and deodourise all filters associated with the systems.

-Clean any debris away form the outdoor system that may affect operation.

-inpect piping and wiring connections.

-ensure unit is fully gassed and operational.

-record any faults that may occur.

Electrical/Safety Inspection of Property

-inspect whole property wiring and fittings ensuring safety and compliance with AS/NZ3000.

-repair minor, accessible faults.

-identify and rectify immediate dangers.

-internal inspection of switchboard.

-record and report any issues with electrical systems.

After completing the Complete Property Service the Ozipower tradesperson will issue a Certicate of Compliance to the resident of the property. A certificate of compliance is also issued to the owner or agent in the case of a tennanted property. This Certificate will also outline any problems that may be present or could occur in the future.