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We work with our clients to determine a fair hourly rate that is guaranteed to be the lowest you will find.

How are our hourly rates so low?

We have very low overheads and a company structure that utilises our tradespeople as consultants. That's right! Our tradespeople play an important role in running Ozipower which reduces the need for office staff and we pass on the savings to you!

By involving our tradespeople in the business you will be assured to receive some one that upholds Ozipower's strict company values while providing a high standard of workmanship.

So employ an Ozipower tradesperson not just a number!

An example of our rates could look some thing like this:

Tradesperson hourly rate 35.00

Superannuation 9%

Insurance/workcover 50.00

Hourly Admin Fee 4.00

38 hours 1651

Hourly Rate 1651/38 = 43.44 + gst*

*EBA site allowances etc. extra