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Power Saver Technology

Every modern home wastes electricity. Don't think so? Look around your home, do you have any of these items? ;

Airconditioner, Washing machine, Dryer, Dish Washer, Pool or Spa, Fans, Computer, Range Hood, Oven, Microwave, Flouro or 12v lights

- of course you do and they all waste electricity.

These items all work by using inductance, electricity converted into magnetic energy. This process distorts the AC power in your home causing the Voltage and Current to become 'out of phase' with each other resulting in wasted power, extra heat within the inductor and generally in-efficient running.

Our device absorbes this wasted power then redistributes it when needed correcting the problem and allowing your electrical devices to work the way they were designed.

Power From Supplier

Distorted Power in your Home

Until now these devices were very expensive, large and not suited to a domestic application. New technology has allowed us to engineer a compact and intelligent product that will correct power factor, stop power surges and save electricity. This product works by conditioning the electricity which is distorted due to harmonics and spikes caused by motors, flouro lights, transformers and other inductive devices.

The OZIPOWER Power Saver device also protects the entire home against power surges. No longer a need for so many surge protectors in the home. This device provides a broad range of protection for hardwired appliances and most home electronics such as televisions, computers, satellite equipment, entertainment systems, etc.

Fast, short duration electrical transients (overvoltages) in the electrical potential of a circuit are typically caused by

  • Lightning strikes
  • Power outages
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Short circuits
  • Power transitions in other large equipment on the same power line
  • Malfunctions caused by the power company
  • Inductive Spikes
  • Electromagnetic Pulses(EMP) with electromagnetic energy distributed typically up to the 100 kHz and 1 MHz frequency range.

Power Surge

 These are common and occur every day reducing the life and efficiency of your valuables.

The unit protects from power line surges as well as spikes caused by internal wiring problems, loose connections and fluctuating demand from large motors such as appliances, vacuum cleaners, heating and cooling equipment, etc.The reduction of power spikes and heat within the Electrical products will extend their life, Saving You Money again.

  • Protects against Spikes, Surges and many of the devastating effects of lightning strikes.
  • Saves you 10% to 15% on your electricity usage.
  • Reduces Line Noise and the Harmful Harmonics that damage your Expensive Equipment.
  • Reduces the production of EMF Radiation in your home and business.
  • Reduces Machine Maintenance and Down-Time.
  • Reduces additional Demand Charges and Over-Use Penalties.
  • Compatible with "Smart Meters", "Generators", "Solar Panels", & "Wind Turbines".
  • Meets Environment Friendly Issues, Green Earth Safety & Clean Air Standards.

Now you are probably wondering HOW MUCH WILL I SAVE? That depends on many factors such as, the size of your home, the rate at which your electric company is charging per kilowatt-hour, how many inductive motors and flouro lights you have, their size, also how far away from the power transformer and sub station you are. It's hard to put an exact $ amount but from the moment it is installed you WILL be saving money, by using less electricity and by protecting your appliances.