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CONGRATULATIONS!, You have just discovered how to.......

SAVE ELECTRICITY! The OZIPOWER Power Saver can save as much 10%, 15%, 20%off your homes power usage with average savings of around 10%.

PROTECT APPLIANCES! The OZIPOWER powersaver is not just for saving electricity, it is also a SURGE PROTECTION DEVICE and at the same time EXTENDS THE LIFE of your appliances and electrical goods.

HELP THE ENVIRONMENT! Saving electricity and protecting your appliances is a huge benefit to the environment, reducing waste and decreasing green house gases.

The OZIPOWER Power Saver is a high quality, German engineered device that is installed by an 'A' grade Electrician at the main switch board in your home.

AS SEEN ON TV!! Thats right , these products have featured on TV shows such as Today Tonight and ACA but were retailing for up to $1600, OZIPOWER is not even a quarter of that price for the same product! So don't be fooled into paying too much.

This is not a cheap plug in device that has no effect, we are real electricians, we come to your house and install this high quality device at your switchboard so it covers your whole house.

The only way a device like this will work is if it installed in your Switchboard with it's own circuit breaker.

Now that deregulation has started many of us have seen our electric bills increase significantly. Picking your own supplier can save you on your bill on average 10%. How about if you could save another 10% on your electric bill with out signing a contract or doing anything different? You can and we can help with the OZIPOWER Power Saver and surge suppressor unit installed on your electrical panel. The manufacturer claims you can save up to 25% off your electric bill. The reality is we have not seen that high of savings in our area but you could save money on your bill. We have seen savings of around 15% with some installations but most people save an average savings of 10% or so and remember this all goes by how many motors or induction type loads you have in your home.

Even if all you are looking for is a Surge Protector, you can't go past this product for value for money, it will protect your whole house from power spikes and lightning while making it more efficient at the same time.

Please visit the testimonial page of our site with some local reviews on the power save unit.

How does it work? please visit the Power Saver Technology page on our site.

The OZIPOWER Power Saver has a 5 year warranty which covers everything including installation. In most cases it will pay for it's self within a year!

We have electricians all around Australia ready to install the Power Saver right now.

Your home will be more efficient and you will be saving money as soon as it is installed!

How do I get an OZIPOWER Power Saver?

First of all we would like you to take a look around our website to learn a bit more about the technology involved and how it works.

step 1: Fill out the form on the Buy Now page.

step 2: Make your payment via the PayPal button.

step 3: We will contact you to confirm details and let you know the time and date the electrician will be at your house.

step 4: The electrician will arrive on the given date and time and your power saver will be installed.

Click here to go to the Buy Now page.